1. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one special time in the year when people light up and burst crackers with friends and family members to create a festive kind of atmosphere. Diwali is a vibrant and joyful festival which is been celebrated to enjoy the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. The festival is celebrated all over the world by enchanting intricate rangoli designs, lighting up the diyas and candles, followed by flower decoration, and more. Along with these, there are a few aesthetic customs like praying, doing pooja by offering homemade sweets and savouries, and more. 


    Wondering or looking for some inspiration to celebrate Diwali 2024 is a vibrant way? Here are some of the simple, environmentally-friendly ideas that you can give a try:

    • Opting for Diya:

    Since Diwali is known for its brightness, rather than going with lights, you can explore some of the best handmade diyas. The diyas are completely handmade, which is done by the artisans of India. There are even colours been added, to make sure that the diya are vibrant and colourful. It is completely safe, environmentally friendly, and can be used for upcoming celebrations too!


    Along with mud diyas, there are even clay diyas, ceramic diyas, handpainted terracotta diyas, designer brass diyas, and more. A perfect gifting option for your friends and family members for this Diwali celebration.

    • Colourful Rangoli’s:

    It is a tradition in India, to add some colourful rangoli’s in the house entrance. The rangoli are made of rice flour, along with a mixture of other ingredients. If you’re not confident in designing the rangoli designs, you can use rangoli stencils, a simple and easier process that you can go with!

     There are even stencils available, which you can use, for adding some unique designs and prints to your rangoli designs. These intricate patterns add some extra beauty to symbolize the spirit of Diwali.

    • Flower and Leaf Decorations:

    Making the home filled with flowers will add a festival vibe while roaming around. You can pick any kind of flowers, make them in the form of garland and hand them all around your house. Trust them, they will give you some fresh festival vibes. 

    You can also try different decorations here with the help of colour papers, fabric kind of decors, and more. In terms of fabric, go with colourful festive fabrics like silk to wrap your furniture or add a touch to your dining tables and wall hangings! Also hanging door decorative torans or hangings at the entrance of your home will add a traditional touch to the home space.

    • Pooja Decor:

    Decorating pooja space is an important aspect when it comes to diwali celebrations. Adding flowers, and decorative diya’s will bring out the traditional vibes in the home. While purchasing your diwali dress, choosing ethnic wear can add a touch to the celebrations.

    • Handmade Cards and Letters:

    To wish your loved ones, while sharing the sweets and snacks, adding a handwritten card will make them happier and get a personalised touch. Wishing from heart even simply, will make the celebration grander and vibrant.