A piece of good news for every Indian gamer arrives at the door as the authorities announce the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Krafton-developed game garnered huge gamers during its earlier tenure in the country. However, the government banned it in 2022, which was a direct result of online threats, particularly data privacy and national security. On a positive note, Krafton has finally made its operations prosperous yet again nationwide. 

    Sean Hyunil Sohn, the CEO shows his gratitude to the Indian government and the gaming community for reconsidering to uplift the ban. And as the game returns, players will find the game in a better state security-wise. This newer version is moreover in correspondence with regulations set by the Indian government. 

    If you are over-excited like everyone else, browse further to find the exact details for the BGMI unban date 2023 in India

    BGMI unban date 2023 in India

    On July 28 2022, a wave of upsetting news spread mentioning the ban or BGMI. The Indian government decided to do so as the application was imposing a big data privacy and national security threat. The developers have ever since worked hard to fix all of such allegations, and kudos to them, because they were successful in doing so. May 29, 2023, is the most anticipated day for every Indian gamer as they’ll now be able to play the pubg alternative once again. 

    Why did the Indian government ban BGMI?

    PUBG was one of the most thriving video games in India that was outlawed following its association with the Chinese regime. To be more exact, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, was the one to ban the game, under the provision of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Information Technology Rules, 2009, after requests were made by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    An identical game, from the same developer entered the Indian gaming market by the name of BGMI, which didn’t require much time to gain players in millions. Even the gameplay, graphics and overall looks of the game were completely identical with barely any room for difference. The numbers of players also matched each other and both catered to daily players in millions. Unfortunately, BGMI was also asked to stop its operations for reasons similar to Pubg.


    As it happened with Pubg, the Indian government had to seize the operations of BGMI as well for a similar reason. The good thing is that the developer accepted their flaws and worked to eradicate them. At the time of the ban, over 100 million active gamers spent a significant time on the platform. They were left surprised but astonished as fresh news about its possible comeback in May 2023 surfaced on the web. When Krafton announced the date of unban, it sent a confirmation to every player who signed a relief as their favourite game was all set to return.