Durlab Kashyap is a well-known sheeter of Ujjain city, and he was born on November 8th, 2000. He wishes to become a great don of Ujjain, and youngsters wish to go of their destiny at a small age. They wish to become a huge don and used to put tika on their forehead and antimony in their eyes. He had a black scarf on his shoulder and became a gangster at a younger age. Let us go with details information about durlabh kashyap from the below words.

     Early life and career:

     If you want to gather a complete record of durlab kashyap, then you can go with the below post. He attempted to unload the panic with a Facebook post and pointed out gang participants had been arrested. They are all young ages, and some of the boys are minors, too. There are plenty of gangsters in the country, but he made the king of crime at a younger age. He used online gangs and other commits in Ujjain, and finally, he became a great gangster.

     About family:

      Manoj Kashyap is his father, and his mother’s name has yet to be discovered exactly now. But he has siblings whose name is updated in a short time. It does not have enough details about his family on the website and other platform. He died when he was 20 years old, and his overall weight was 58 kg. He had sharp and black eyes colors. At the same, he is not yet married and belongs to Indian nationality. He is linked with different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, your tube, Wikipedia, and other platform. He was well known as the Kohinoor by his gang.


     Though he lives a lavish life with his illegal income, there are not enough details about his exact income source. But at the same time, he robbed the shopkeepers and small business people and approximately INR- 1 to 2 Cores.

     About death:

     There is an official report that says that he went to tea at Hailawadi with this gang. Then, he started fighting in a tea stall with a young man, Shehnawaz. Durlab shot the young man around the neck. As a result, shehanawaz’s friend began to stab him, causing around 34 injuries. According to Stabbings, he dies on the spot.


    By reading the above info about durlab is enough and true. This article is open for everyone to collect the full details at any time.