It can be scary to have a panic attack. Anxiety that is so bad that it makes your heart race and your knees weak can cause these attacks. Having a panic attack can make it hard to breathe, hurt your chest, and make you feel dizzy. You might even think you’re having a heart attack. Even though a panic attack only lasts a short time, it can make you feel scared and uncomfortable.

    How to Understand Panic Attacks?

    A panic attack and the severe worry that comes with it can happen quickly and without warning. Though the attack itself may only last a short time, it can make you afraid of having another one. People are said to have a panic disorder, which is a type of anxiety disorder, when they have panic attacks or the fear of having attacks over and over again.

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    How Can I Stop My Panic Attack?

    Learning how to control your worry is the best way to avoid having another panic attack. That way, if you do start to feel the signs of a panic attack, you can calm your mind and body until the symptoms go away.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the best ways to deal with fear and anxiety, though medication can help. 

    It means realizing that the process that causes fear is fed by thinking about the worst things that could happen in the future. People who have panic disorder need to understand that their thoughts cause their bodies to react, which leads to a panic attack.

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    Taking deep, slow breaths

    You may breathe very quickly when you’re anxious, which makes the mental and physical effects of a panic attack even worse. Do not forget to take slow, deep breaths when you feel scared.

    Stop and think. 

    You only need to tell yourself to stop when your thoughts get out of hand. Sort your thoughts out and figure out what you need to do to feel better.

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    Think good thoughts. 

    Getting rid of bad thoughts and reminding yourself that you are in charge will help. You might want to think about times when you handled things well and felt less anxious.

    Stand up for yourself.

     Get out of there or tell someone you need to leave if you need to. If what you really need is to go for a walk and let off some steam, don’t let yourself get more upset.

    Relax your muscles.

    Every muscle in your body tenses up when you’re anxious, so relax every muscle, from your toes to your neck and face.

    Do not wait until you are having a panic attack to start taking these steps. You should use these techniques often and learn to deal with your worry in small steps. There will be days when you can leave the house without having a panic attack because you are surer that you can handle them.

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