Click on Play With Friends and then select the Create option to start playing the game by building a room in Ludo mobile app. You can now invite friends to play the Ludo game using the Invite Code.

    • Playing guidelines for Ludo
    • One may be familiar with the play’s rules before playing, so let’s go through them.
    • You have 10 seconds to make a move in the game. One will be eliminated from the play if onw don’t perform this trick 3 times.
    • Running play will result in a score of 1, and when the token comes at its destination, your score will be doubled.
    • Your token will return to its starting position if someone cuts it.
    • You cannot beat both tokens if they are in the same space with a token.
    • When you beat Token in his home on Arrival 6, you will receive the key once more.
    • The game will end in ten minutes, and the points-based winners will be announced.

    How Can I Buy More Money In Ludo Gold app?

    Money must be added to Ludo Supreme Gold in order to play the game on it. By applying a coupon code when adding funds, you can receive additional cashback. Because of this, you have to enter a promo code while adding money. To add money, follow these procedures.

    • Go to My Balance and select the Add option to add money to Ludo Supreme.
    • Now, input as much money as you wish to add in the input Amount field.
    • Now, you may also get some coupon codes down that you can use to get some extra perks.
    • Following the selection of a payment method and clicking Add Money, money will be add on to your account.

    How Does Ludo Supreme Gold Pay Off Financially?

    You must learn how to play Ludo well in order to gain money playing Ludo in order to make money from Ludo Supreme. In addition, you can make money by introducing people to the Ludo Gold Supreme app. One referral will earn you a bonus of $100. You can make money with Ludo Gold Supreme if someone installs it using your referral link and makes a deposit. In this case, you will receive a portion of the money.

    In Ludo mobile app there are lots of tournaments that you may enter to win cash. You should also pay the admission price  in order to take admission in the tournament. One is  required to play a Ludo game with other sports after the event. You receive the reward if you prevail over everyone else and win the game.

    The prize money increases with the tournament’s admission cost. You can play the event in this with an entry fee of 10 rupees or 10,000 rupees for small tournaments and large tournaments, respectively. It’s a game that transcends cultural and language barriers. It’s known by different names in various parts of the world (e.g., Parcheesi in the United States, Parchis in Spain, and Mensch ärgere Dich nicht in Germany), but the basic gameplay remains the same.

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