When it comes to joints, our knees might be the ones that hurt the most (Trakem 100mg). Some of the most common knee injuries are fractures, torn ligaments, and sprains. These can happen in car accidents, falls, and sports accidents. Knee pain is never fun, but at least you know what’s wrong when it happens after an accident. And that might make it a little easier to get the right medicine.

    But sometimes knee pain happens without an accident first. It might be tempting to ignore the pain at first to see if it goes away on its own. But you can take Trakem 100mg as it is a powerful pain relief tablet that is safe and secure.

    The trouble is that the thing that hurts you might not have been in an accident, but it could still be something serious. And putting off care can make your symptoms last longer or even get worse.

    Causes of Knee Pain Even Without Injury

    Most knee pain that isn’t caused by an accident is caused by cartilage or connective tissues like ligaments and tendons.

    Knee tendonitis

    Tendons connect the knee and leg muscles to the bones that make up the joint. Tendonitis happens when a tendon gets swollen and sensitive. 

    Tendonitis is usually brought on by putting too much stress on your muscles and joints, either by using them over and over or continuously. 

    Tendonitis can happen if you do something you’re not used to for a whole day, like climbing that is very hard or lifting and bending a lot. A lot of everyday tasks can also hurt your tendons, especially as you age. For pain relief, take Trakem 100 mg as this is mostly recommended by doctors in the USA.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Gout is when uric acid crystals build up in the joint and hurt it. One type of pseudo gout is when calcium crystals build up in the joint fluid.

    Septic arthritis is when an infection in the knee joint makes the joint hurt. In case pains become unbearable try, Trakem Tramadol for instant pain relief in 10 minutes.

    Other diseases besides septic arthritis can also make your knees hurt. There is a good chance that you will also have a fever along with the redness and pain in the joint.

    ITB syndrome (iliotibial band)

    A strong tissue band runs from your hip to your knee. It’s called the iliotibial band. The band keeps your knee steady and lets your leg move normally. When the band gets sensitive and swollen, iliotibial band syndrome happens. 

    When the band rubs against the outside of your thigh bone, it hurts. Like tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome is often caused by using your legs too much or too often. Trakem Tramadol is helpful in reducing pain in a short period.

    Issues with the hip, foot, or ankle

    You might end up putting more weight on the other side of your body if you hurt your foot, hip, or ankle. The change in how you walk and balance can put stress on your knees over time.

    Past Injuries

    That old wound might seem to have healed a long time ago. But sometimes, even an injury you forgot about can make your knee weak or more likely to hurt again in the future. If an accident moves a small piece of bone or cartilage around, you might not notice until it gets in the way of your joint’s movement months or years later. 

    Old damage to the kneecap? Getting new knee pain could mean that your kneecap isn’t stable. Also, symptoms you’re having now could be caused by injuries you got in the past that made your tendons or ligaments weaker.

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