Are you aware of the horrifying consequences that can result from drunk driving? Driving comes with a big responsibility of making sure you are capable of operating a machine that can kill you or the people around you. 

    According to Asheville DUI Lawyer Doug Edwards, each year over 1,000 people are killed on North Carolina roadways. Car accidents are among the leading causes of death not just in the US, but in many other countries around the world. 

    If you’re thinking about driving while drunk, here are the potential consequences you may face:

    The Consequences of Drunk Driving

    Drunk driving isn’t just about shattered windshields and bent metal. It’s about shattered lives. 

    When you choose to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, you not only put your own life at risk but also the lives of innocent people on the road.

    Drunk driving accidents have far-reaching effects that extend beyond physical injuries. Families are torn apart, friendships are shattered, and futures are forever changed. The emotional trauma experienced by the victims and their loved ones is immeasurable.

    Financial burdens from medical bills, legal fees, and property damage only add to the already overwhelming aftermath. Adding up the guilt and remorse that come with causing harm to others can haunt you for the rest of your life.

    It’s a sobering reminder of the ripple effect one bad decision can have.

    Facing Potential Charges

    If you’re charged with DUI, you can face jail time of up to six months or pay hefty fines. Your license can also be suspended and you need to attend mandatory DUI classes. If you’re a repeat offender, you can expect harsher penalties or longer jail time. 

    In North Carolina, if you have been convicted of DWI, you will be sentenced based on the specific circumstances of the offense, and whether or not aggravating factors exist. If you have been changed with Aggravated Level One DWI, you may be jailed for one to three years with no possibility of parole.

    Raising Awareness for Responsible Alcohol Consumption

    Responsible drinking isn’t a chore; it’s a lifesaver. Understand that drinking and driving impacts not just the one behind the wheel, but every innocent soul on the road.  

    Be the one to make the responsible choice – designate a sober driver, opt for public transportation, or call a cab. 

    Advocating for Stricter Measures to Prevent Tragedies

    Stricter measures are crucial to protect innocent lives. If you’re reading this article because you have fallen victim to a drunk driver, you need to advocate for stricter measures to prevent similar tragedies you have experienced. 

    Pushing for mandatory breathalyzer tests for all drivers, regardless of their age or driving experience, to ensure that no one is allowed to drive under the influence. Increasing police presence and conducting random sobriety checkpoints can also serve as a deterrent and catch potential offenders before accidents occur.

    Promoting education and awareness campaigns about the consequences of drunk driving can also help change societal attitudes and behaviors towards alcohol consumption. 


    The consequences of drunk driving aren’t just there to scare us; they are reminders of why we should always make the conscious choice of driving only when we are mentally, physically and emotionally fit. Don’t risk harming other people or yourself.