Kundan jewellery holds immense significance and meaning in Indian heritage. Originating in Rajasthan, kundan has become a symbol in every culture, with brides making it their go-to jewellery on the most important days of their lives. Kundan gold jewellery is essentially intricate ornaments made by setting uncut polki diamonds on pure gold. The brilliance of these pieces is striking, as women of every age love them.Adding kundan jewellery gold designs to the outfit can significantly increase the charm and grace of the entire look. 

    Not only weddings and festivals but kundan sets are also paired with Western outfits for they are highly adaptable and versatile. The overall aesthetic appeal of gold-plated kundan jewellery bears the weight of the traditional beauty and timeless nature of the ornament. Owing to their versatility and timelessness, kundan gold jewellery can be great as gifts for loved ones. The myriad of options available are intricately crafted to suit the needs of modern and old-school women.

    Why Gift Kundan Jewellery – Choosing a personalized and meaningful gift for a loved one can be a task. Kundan gold jewellery can be the answer to this issue. Since it is a welcome gift by most women – one may not have to think twice before narrowing down on any piece of kundan plated in gold and gifting it to close people in their lives. 

    • Any occasion – Being auspicious and holding symbolic value, kundan jewellery can be gifted during festivals, celebrations, events, weddings, etc. It can also be a gift for bridesmaids or even for birthdays. These ornaments hold great sentimental value and will be appreciated instantly
    • Timeless – Choosing classic kundan jewellery gold designs will ensure that the pieces do not go out of the fashion charts and can be worn on various occasions. The timeless beauty associated with this gemstone recognizes its value for a long duration. 
    • Customizations – Latest gold kundan jewellery can be customized to fit the taste of different women. Choosing the designs and gemstones is also possible while gifting these ornaments making the gift more personal and meaningful 

    Things to Consider Before Gifting Kundan Jewellery – Some important things that need to be considered while choosing kundan gold jewellery as gifts are:

    • Taste and Preference – Even though these ornaments are liked by almost everyone, a truly meaningful gift would be the one that matches the recipient’s taste. Knowing if they prefer traditional designs or more contemporary ones, lighter pieces or heavier ones will help decide on the right pieces. The colors, occasion, designs, patterns, etc can be kept in mind while choosing kundan ornaments
    • Budget – The intricacy, preciousness of the gemstone, historic value, artistic skills, and other factors associated with kundan jewellery sets gold help to determine the price of each piece. Deciding on a budget beforehand and looking for ornaments accordingly will save the effort of vast search options and will make the work easier.
    • Authenticity – Ensuring that the ornaments are made of high quality and sourced from authentic dealers is always a good idea. When investing a significant amount, no stone should be left unturned – looking for reputed jewellery stores with positive reviews is vital before gifting something valuable and remarkable. Check for the certificate of authenticity to determine the genuineness of the stones and the gold.
    • Styles – Kundan gold jewellery, being versatile, is available in options like – polki, jadau, meenakari, etc. Finding out more about the different styles will help make an informed decision. The size, radiance, price, etc of each style is different – previous knowledge will help select the product range accordingly. Additionally, knowing the taste and personal preference of the recipient will help make this choice.
    • Occasion – Consider the occasion of the gift carefully. For example, a gold kundan set would be more appropriate for an elaborate event like a wedding while a maangtika can be chosen to gift bridesmaids as a token of appreciation. Pendants, rings, bangles, etc are great as gifts to commemorate special events with something extraordinary. 
    • Quality – Look for high-quality kundan stones from authentic sources. Choose 22k or 24k gold-plated ornaments as a gift as they are ideal settings to set kundan stones in. Check for the weight, clarity, and color of the uncut diamond (kundan stones) for maximum quality. Top-notch kundan gold jewellery will also have intricate detailing and elaborate designs. The stones should be secured in place. Lastly, observe the enamel work for it should be even and smooth and not have imperfections over the surface. 


    Selecting the right jewellery pieces for loved ones is an art that can be mastered. Kundan ornaments can be a cherished gift – the value of which will last for a lifetime. Care and consideration while picking out these items would enhance the value even more. Choosing the right pieces that match the taste and desires of the recipient is now easy with these tips. Make the gift even more special by adding a special note. This lasting gesture in the form of packed kundan pieces of jewellery will be treasured and appreciated by most women.