You’re blissfully enjoying cannabis when suddenly, there’s a knock on your doors. You peep through the door hole and realize that the person on the other end is an unapologetic marijuana critic who doesn’t shy away from calling out weed users. So, it’s necessary to conceal that you’ve been consuming weed.

    But with the scent of cannabis all over the room, it may be difficult to completely remove the smell before you let the person in.

    Fortunately, numerous effective ways exist to mask the smell of weed and avoid unpleasant surprises. This article looks at ten such tips.

    1. Take Cannabis When Alone

    This is probably the most effective tip on how to hide the smell of weed.

    If you prefer to consume cannabis discreetly, it’s best to do so when alone. That way, you can avoid the prying eyes (and noses) of marijuana critics.

    It’s also great to know that there are numerous designated cannabis smoking zones in many countries where weed is legal. If you must use marijuana publicly, you must retreat to these spots.

    2. Consume the Right Strain

    Marijuana exists in multiple strains. Most of these strains are based on the two dominant cannabis species, namely Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica.

    Weed strains differ across several parameters, including their distinct taste and aroma. The conventional wisdom is to insist on indica-dominant strains.

    Indica-dominant cultivars don’t smell as bad as their sativa-dominant counterparts. Examples of indica-based strains include Granddaddy Purple, Rockstar, and Northern Lights.

    3. Select the Right Delivery Method

    There’s a myriad of ways to administer weed. Standard delivery methods include;

    • Smoking cannabis pre-rolls
    • Vaping cannabis-based e-liquids, concentrates, or dry herbs
    • Dripping cannabis tinctures sublingually (underneath the tongue)
    • Ingesting cannabis-infused edibles, such as gummies and candies
    • Swallowing cannabis pills or capsules
    • Topically applying cannabis-enriched cosmetic products, such as creams and salves.

    Unless you’re using cannabis recreationally, smoking or vaping will undoubtedly produce an intense smell. You’d be better off with the other delivery methods.

    4. Choose Your Flavors Wisely

    Smoking and vaping are the two cannabis delivery methods most likely to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and a not-so-pleasant smell in the air.

    However, it’s now possible to mask marijuana’s after scent in cannabis pre-rolls and vape products. All you need to do is select the right flavors.

    And as you shall find, there are plenty of options. Examples include chocolate, mint, vanilla, strawberry, and even tobacco.

    5. Crush Herbs with Powerful Scents in the Room

    Another popular method to conceal the smell of cannabis is to crush herbs with a powerful scent in the room.

    Ginger, lemon, and lavender are common herbs known for their strong scents.

    Be sure to crush these herbs a few minutes before your smoking or vaping session. This allows their powerful smell to soak up the scent of weed.

    6. Crack Open the Windows

    This is a no-brainer. Smoking weed in a poorly-ventilated room means the scent has little escape route.

    The only way out here would be to open the windows while smoking. Keep the windows open several minutes longer to allow the smell to entirely leave the room.

    Note that this trick will work best in well-ventilated apartments where your window doesn’t directly overlook another person’s.

    7. Turn the Fans On

    Opening the windows and turning the fans on while smoking marijuana serve the same purpose – allowing the smell to freely escape the room.

    If you’re traveling with cannabis, you might consider investing in portable fans.

    When the craving for weed strikes, simply retreat to your hotel room and point the fan out the window to enhance ventilation before you start smoking.

    8. Try Incense Sticks

    Incense sticks have been part of traditional aromatherapy treatments for years. It’s great to know that this age-old practice may also help you mask the smell of cannabis.

    One benefit of using incense sticks to hide the smell of weed is that you’re unlikely to generate any suspicion.

    Anyone suddenly walking into the room will think you were on with your routine aromatherapy treatments.

    9. Try Scented Candles Too

    Incense sticks and scented candles work in a more or less similar manner. Both are remarkably effective at diffusing marijuana’s bad smell.

    However, scented candles are preferable because they don’t cause a lot of mess.

    The fact that candles don’t produce a lot of smoke also makes them safer than incense sticks.

    10. Consider Odor-absorbing Gels

    Using odor-absorbing gels is yet another practical way to conceal the smell of marijuana. You’ll need to arm yourself with enough odor-absorbing gels and then place them around the room you intend to smoke cannabis in.

    Note that odor-absorbing gels immediately kick in when you unwrap the product. Therefore, be sure to use them only when you need to smoke or vape.

    Another benefit of using odor-absorbing gels is that they offer long-lasting benefits if exposed to the air.

    The Bottom Line

    The above interventions are all effective at hiding the smell of weed. However, they only apply in jurisdictions where marijuana is legal in the first place.

    Remember that the idea isn’t to hide from law enforcement but rather to consume cannabis stealthily to avoid getting judged by your “weedophobic” friends.

    So, check your local cannabis laws to ensure you can legally use weed before implementing these tips.