Bollywood has released a number of movies this year with some of the greatest hits in history. The rise of Hindi movies in international theatres is something that we all Indians can be proud of. The gross income of the box office this year has also been commendable.

    Bollywood Movies buffs are welcome to read through this article to find out the top 5 movies of Bollywood in 2023. This list is however, based on the popularity and the income of the movie and not otherwise. So, without further ado, let’s delve in and discuss movies with platform.

    1. Jawan:

    Who does not love a King Khan movie? The Badshah of Bollywood has been ruling out hearts and the insudtry simultaneously for years and this year was no different. This movie saw the terrific acting skills of the superhero in a dual role as a father and son. The movie revolves around the story of a man who wants to rectify the wrongs in this society while keeping a promise he made years ago. Filled with vengeance, he becomes a fearsome outlaw and causes suffering for many. The film also stars Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra and Vijay Sethupati in various roles. You can visit Extramovies website to watch jawan movies and other popular movies.

    2. Pathaan:

    Another King Khan blockbuster which made the charts this year. This movie also saw Shah Rukh Khan as the lead with Deepika Padukone as the co-lead. The movie narrates the story of a Pakistani General who had hired a private terror gang to conduct attacks on India. Pathaan is a secret Indian agent who gets out on a mission to form a special unit which stops these attacks and saves the country. The film won the hearts of many.

    3. Gadar 2:

    The predecessor of this movie, Gadar, was a blockbuster about 22 years ago with its beautiful plot and acting. This time too, it was no different. The story brings back the old characters along with some new ones. Here we see the beloved Tara Singh going missing and is believed to be held in Pakistan. The loving son of Tara and Sakina, Jeete goes out to rescue his father and has to go through a line of obstacles to save his father. This is a good watch on a Saturday with all of your family. Watch the movie on www.showpm to find out if they get the happy ending we all have been wishing for.

    4. Adipurush:

    This movie is an age-old story of the Indian epic, the Ramayana. The story is beautiful, the effects are no doubt the best, the songs are a hit, but somewhere this movie did not resonate with the audience in the way it was expected to. Nonetheless, the actors did a great job and it did make good earnings at the box office.

    5. Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani:

    If you are searching for an entertaining watch, then this is for you. It has the right amount of comedy, romance, tragedy, crisis, conspiracy. In a way, it is as spicy as Indian dishes. The movie stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles and both of them do a great job at making this movie a success.

    This list will make for a great movie marathon on a weekend. So, grab some popcorn and start off already!

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