There is nothing like top 3 religions in the world. All of them tell one thing that is to love God like no other. This does not mean that a person should not take care of his family members and the loved ones but the core idea says that it takes more than ample abilities to make sure that a person can become spiritual in true sense.

    Like in Islam, many people think that non-Muslims and Kafir. But in Santana religion, a sage like Vyasa said that in this world there is no one that does not believe in God. Because every person wants soul satisfaction and happiness and only God can provide it beyond this world.

    Hence, there is no one who is Kafir. But the worst part is that there is no religion who takes good things from one religion and makes it work for the betterment of their lives.

    Islamic Book

    Like in many Islamic nations, women still can’t do what they wish to. Like some of them can’t even go to watch a football match. But there are rate Islamic nations who think beyond and try to not see God’s signs with a colour. To know, Which Religion Book Is Scientifically Proven, it is something that tells the fact about learning from each other for the good.


    All are good

    In this world, there is nothing like 100 per cent. Because even if it is, there is no way that can make people feel that A religion is better than B. And there is nothing beyond. This is why there is a need of thinking beyond for making sure that it can set right numbers for people to learn. Every culture has the power to teach us something and every religion has the same power. But people are not ready to accept it all. Hence, Which religion book is scientifically proven has to be Santana Dharma because it is the place where the value Zero has come. As everything starts from Zero, so it shows the deep ability to have scientific culture that makes overall things follow some rules that are good and bad due to various reasons.

    Many would not agree to it, but this is something that is the true picture that tells us the fact that learning from overall approach would always work for good. So it is there to mix and manage it very well. This helps in right outcomes to come and move things forward.


    Final Take

    Religion is something that makes us united. It gives many hope. There are many things that are being done by taking the name of religion. But that is not true at all. Hence, it is needed to make sure that a person should think beyond. This is also the core of a religion that a person should become better and not take things for granted. Hence, the world should let different ways to reaching the God open. Otherwise, it would not at all set right examples for all of the humans in the world.

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