It is a fact that betting and India do not go along very well. Like there is a huge offline and online betting that happens there and there. But still Indians have not accepted it as well as it has done with others. This shows a lot about the impact it has in shaping up a mind of a person. For example, money is very hard to get in India due to various reasons for many people. Hence, betting becomes easy way to earn money. At once, it can work. But many times, the downfall is very hard to come back. This is the reason parents say that stay away from betting and even it is not legal in most parts of India. 

    Government taking action

    Talks are there from inside information that many betting apps are getting the redes from the GST office. This is why because betting apps are finding ways to trick India from where they are making money from. This tells a lot about the impact of games to the best of levels. Like Lotus-365 can be seen promoted by so many actors and influencers on social media and it makes people feel that the app or website is legit. They do say that it is legit. But it is not 100 per cent clear.

    But there are betting apps or websites that do not even promote with good content makers. Hence, it feels as behind fantasy sports these betting apps are working and earning tons of money. This shows the impact of betting websites in deep.

    Fantasy Sports 

    Fantasy Sports for example Howzat and others come under game of skills and hence, they can go well along. But that does mean that betting apps can also do something same and fly in India until the government does say that betting is legal to do in India. In India gambling is not seen ethical and hence, it does not grow beyond Goa and other places where sea works as the base for the these casinos. It is what that shows the creative outlook of casino to the best of levels. But they are legit, but other online casinos do have questions to ask in deep.

    So how can online brands promoting?

    One might have seen many betting apps or websites running in India from ads and social media influencers promotions. As the game of skill can be sold in India, many betting apps do find holes in rules and make it work for them. The other thing they do is to make their headquarters in other nations and from there operate in India. This is the reason even in fantasy sports, which is a game of skills, where the Indian government is charging 28 per cent Goods and Service Tax. This is why so people should go away from the places where they can make additive money or possibly that these gaming companies do put their headquarters away from India. It does make the overall earnings from taxes low.

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