Presently, there are a multitude of courses offered online globally. This phenomenon mainly took place during the COVID period around the year 2020. The Ed-tech industry saw a boom like never before.  Due to the absence of mobility “Work from Home” became a norm for professionals. Schools and colleges shut, but education did not. 

    Various educational platforms launched their online portals to keep the wheel of education moving. Instructors would teach the students using online interfaces. The COVID threat subsided eventually. However, the trend of online degree courses proved to be a wildfire that is still spreading and expanding. Reputed educational institutions launched various degree courses. 

    Certain prominent factors guiding the popularity and importance of online degree courses are:

    • Flexibility: The level of flexibility is significantly higher in the case of online degree courses in comparison with on-campus education. In the traditional setup of classroom education, you need to meet the timetable prescribed by educational institutions, be it in school or college. A tight schedule sometimes can be exhausting as well as monotonous. Also, there is a code of conduct and uniform expected to be incorporated by every student.

    All those formalities are absent in online degree courses. What matters is showing face to the instructor and responding to what is taught cordially. Any doubts or queries can be asked online and the level of interaction is the same as that in the case of a real-world classroom. Virtual learning has the benefit of undivided focus which often goes for a toss in a classroom filled with fellow mates. Distraction is less of an option so focused learning becomes possible. 

    If you miss a certain lecture, the availability of the recording makes it easy for you to refer at a later time of convenience. The fear of missing out or depending on another student for lecture references is conveniently erased in the case of online learning.

    If you are a working professional, you can make a balance between work and study. Time management can resolve such issues.

      • Versatility: There is a wide spectrum of beneficial subjects to choose from in the case of online degree courses. Various skills and acumen development is a real possibility today. Choosing multiple courses can be done as well. Reputed educational firms like Online Manipal offer significant courses like BBA, BCA, and of course the ever-popular MBA. Due to the continuous expansion of online education, the limit to learning is slowly becoming extinct. Anyone can enroll for a course anytime. Teaching and learning are soaring to new heights due to the online degree courses available on numerous platforms. You don’t need to step on a college campus and still can get an equivalent degree by pursuing an online degree course. 
      • Accessibility: You don’t need a bike, a car, a bicycle, or even your slipper! All you need is a good internet connection to study online degree courses. The limitless accessibility is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of online degree courses. Since there is no need for commuting, the traveling expenses are saved. The money could be spent elsewhere, like getting a better internet connection for your laptop. No geographical boundaries allow you to sign up for a foreign portal sitting in your very room. Internet education has eradicated all barriers to learning. Never before in time, we have witnessed such a phenomenon. 
    • Customization: Online learning provides advanced flexibility by tailoring course material to cater individual needs of specific students. This is also known as customization. Your specific learning capability is the point of focus here apart from your area of interest. 

    Access to a diverse availability of materials like e-books, videos, and other forms of pictorial and textual information is a possibility. Traditional classrooms often fail to answer all the queries of every student. Online portals provide individual attention to each student and try to recognize the unique problems of each student. There is a growing versatility in online teaching techniques. Forums, discussions, and the provision of extra study material are constantly expanding the range of online education. 

    • Cost-effectiveness: One of the reasons why education was a matter of skepticism to a lot of people is expense. Getting one’s child to a cheap college due to lack of money was a common sight some years back. With the advent of online education, the privilege of education is becoming a feasible requirement for an increasing number of candidates. Multiple payment options like installments and various online payment methods are making learning an affordable affair. Online scholarships are also available to outstanding candidates. Less investment and better results. What can be better?

    Final thoughts

    There is a sense of inherent freedom in online degree courses., especially flexibility of optional and individual autonomy, and also financial leverage. The candidates can now find the flourishing of their true potential as the pressure factor is not there at all. The initiative comes in handy when the surrounding is supportive. The individual customization of education was once stressed by eminent revolutionaries and spiritual leaders. Now due to technological advancement, it is a reality!