Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is one of the active ingredients which is used in skin care for the purpose of exfoliation. They are water-soluble acids and have been included in different skincare products like glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, etc. An AHA cleanser is specifically designed to cleanse and exfoliate the skin simultaneously. It helps remove the dead skin cells from the skin surface, unclogs the pores, and at the same time improves the texture of your skin. AHAs are way more sensitive to the skin; So, so when you are using AHA products, make sure to apply sunscreen in your AM routine. 


    Always make sure to do a patch test, before using exfoliating products. This is because not all exfoliating will suit your skin. Some might damage your skin which takes months to get cured. For patch tests, just take a gentle amount of product and use it on your jawline or on your elbows. Wait for 24 hours, and if you dont see any kind of reactions, then it is safer to be used on your skin. Incorporating AHA-based products would be a better option for shedding away the dead skin cells in the facial skin. So, if you are in your 30’s, start incorporating exfoliating products. 


    It is important to start with a milder and wash-off kind of product when you are introducing an active product in your skincare routine. Some of the benefits of using AHA cleanser are as follows:

    • Natural Exfoliator: 

    Tired of dull and lifeless skin? This is because of the dead skin cells accumulating over your skin. Using an AHA-based cleanser once or twice a week would give better results.

    • Improves Skin Texture:

    It is normal to have skin rashes, bumps, etc. In that case, it is important to work on the skin textures, to treat them rather than getting them worse. Trying exfoliation once a week would be a better option. Try incorporating AHA-based cleansers once or twice in a week, and then gradually increase them!

    • Controls Acne:

    If you have acne-prone skin, or oily skin which leads to acne due to excess sebum production, using AHA-based products would keep them under bay!

    • Brightens Skin:

    It is important to maintain the skin since they are going to stay with us for a longer period. A healthy and glowing skin can add to your level of confidence while stepping out of the house. Adding exfoliation is a key in having a glowing skin.

    • Anti-Ageing:

    Preventing the skin from signs of ageing is the biggest task today. Even though there are lot of skincare products available in the market, it is important to choose the one that suits your skin and works on your skincare concerns. Wondering for a best anti-ageing product? Using AHA-based products once a week is more than enough


    Wondering about choosing a milder yet good AHA cleanser? CosIQ has the best option available for you. They have a 100ML AHA cleanser which is completely beginner-friendly. It has glycolic acid in them. A gel-like cleanser, which helps in giving smooth, clear, and glowing skin. If you have dry skin, use them once a week, since they tend to make the skin dry. When you have any other skin types you can choose them!