It can be really jarring when your hair suddenly begins falling out without warning. So it’s no wonder you have questions. Let’s see what we can do to answer your questions and what you can do about your hair loss. 

     How much hair loss is normal?

    Some hair loss is normal, so around 50-100 hairs a day is considered okay, and during changes in your hormones such as pregnancy or surgery or illness recovery, hair loss can be normal, but if it’s happening out of the blue and in high amounts, you will want to consider getting professional help. 

     Is hair loss genetic?

    Not all hair loss is genetic,but it can be. It’s known as male/female pattern hair loss and is inherited.This is a gene that causes your hair follicles to shrink and one day they stop growing hair. 

     Is hair loss permanent?

    In many cases, hair loss is only a temporary issue, but sometimes it can be chronic, and your hair will not grow back.To find out which one you’re experiencing it’s a good idea to see your doctor for a diagnosis and seek out treatment options as soon as you can. 

     Does bleaching damage my hair?

    Any chemicals and heat can damage your hair.So this includes bleaching,colouring, relaxing, perming and excessive heat damage can absolutely damage your hair.Although your hair can grow back,if you damage your hair enough,it may never come back in the same way.

     Can my diet affect my hair growth? 

    A bad diet with poor nutritional value can cause significant hair loss, especially if you’re deficient in biotin, Vitamins A and D and iron.

     Can stress lead to hair loss? 

    Mild stress you receive on a day to day basis shouldn’t lead to hair loss,but severe stress that continues in an ongoing matter as a result of traumatic events can cause imbalances in your system and shock your body, this can disrupt your natural hair cycle,and your hair can even go into a resting phase and make it feel like you’re losing hair,when there’s simply no growth happening. 

      What are the best treatments on the market? 

    In our humble opinion,you should start by using the right products on your hair.Science backed hair care such as a stimulating shampoo for hair growth from Stim Haircare is just one of these options.

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