Delve into the realm of Rocol WireShield, a formidable array of lubricants meticulously engineered to safeguard and nurture electrical wiring and connections. This pantheon of protection diminishes the specter of corrosion, amplifies connectivity reliability, and elongates the lifespan of your electrical infrastructure. WireShield emerges as the vanguard, erecting a formidable bulwark against abrasion, wear, dust, moisture, vibration, and the extremes of temperature. This versatile product finds its niche in the automotive and industrial domains, where steadfast lubrication is the lifeblood of optimal performance. With its myriad applications, WireShield emerges as an invaluable ally for companies aspiring to optimize their operations through the judicious preservation of their electrical wiring systems.

    Overview of Rocol WireShield

    Rocol WireShield stands as a comprehensive coterie of protective sentinels for electrical wiring and cables. The array encompasses conduit, trunking, junction boxes, and cable glands, all crafted to ward off the specter of physical degradation. Rocol WireShield, the valiant guardian, proffers an assortment of pre-assembled kits to render installation a seamless endeavor.

    The conduit, a stalwart of the Rocol WireShield arsenal, stands as the bastion for the protection of electrical wiring in commercial edifices, industrial bastions, and hazardous domains. It unfurls a gamut of sizes, ranging from 20mm to 110mm, supplemented by an array of bends and accessories. Forged from robust galvanized steel, it stands as an impervious protector against the perils of physical depredation. It harmonizes seamlessly with other Rocol WireShield comrades, such as junction boxes and cable glands, bestowing additional fortification upon your wiring system.

    Rocol WireShield extends its benevolent embrace to trunking, a paragon of efficiency that organizes cables within the sinews of walls and ceilings, without sacrificing aesthetics or safety. The product constellation incorporates PVC-U white trunking, metal box trunking, and custom components such as bends and dividers, offering a tailored layout for your unique exigencies.

    Junction boxes, stalwart components within the Rocol WireShield coterie, permit the secure interconnection of circuits while safeguarding them from external

    Benefits of Rocol WireShield

    In the realm of industrial electrical wiring systems, Rocol WireShield reigns supreme, offering a superlative solution. This all-encompassing suite of products ensures the secure and dependable operation of a plethora of electrical installations. With its enduring resilience, swift installation, and unparalleled performance, it’s no wonder that Rocol WireShield has ascended to the zenith of choice for countless businesses.

    Rocol WireShield confers impenetrable protection against the physical assaults wrought by vibrations and other external forces that menace wires and cables. The product manifests in two incarnations, liquid and thickened-liquid, both brimming with formidable adhesion and flexibility when applied to cables or wires. This ensconces potential damage in a shroud, without compromising on performance. Furthermore, its moisture-resistant attributes guard against the specter of corrosion, even in the aqueous embrace of wet environments.

    Ease of installation emerges as another beacon in Rocol WireShield’s repertoire. The process necessitates minimal preparatory rituals before application, an ideal choice for bustling worksites, where time is a treasured commodity. This engenders an environment where production schedules remain unblemished by protracted maintenance rituals, as opposed to traditional insulation methods that entail the laborious task of individually wrapping insulation tape around each wire.

    Unlike conventional insulating materials, which have finite lifespans, a tribulation owing to wear and tear, Rocol WireShield elevates the concept of longevity, embodying the essence of an extended

    Application and Uses of Rocol WireShield

    WireShield, a sentinel in the annals of Rocol, stands as an illustrious shielding material, tasked with the protection of electronic components against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its expansive domain of deployment encompasses aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, and military citadels.

    Rocol WireShield offers itself in multiple guises: sheeting roll form, strip form, and flat form. The sheeting roll incarnation boasts the pinnacle of EMI shielding effectiveness, customizable through deft cutting according to the user’s whims. Beyond its EMI-repelling virtues, Rocol WireShield flouts thermal reflective properties, rendering it an ideal choice for the crucible of high-temperature environments. It endures temperatures scaling up to 500°C without forfeiting its integrity or performance.

    Rocol WireShield outshines traditional metal shields through its non-conductive essence and its supple nature. It dispenses with the requirement for grounding or soldering, slashing installation times by obviating the need for supplementary hardware. Its flexible character ensures facile conformity to complex contours, sans compromise on shielding quality. This affords it a distinct advantage over metal shields.


    Rocol WireShield stands as the impenetrable fortress for electrical cables, guarding them against the vicissitudes of harsh environments and corrosion. Easy to install, available in various sizes, and replete with resistance against chemicals and weathering, its self-healing properties elevate it to the zenith of long-term equipment protection. Rocol WireShield promises unwavering protection for your wiring systems without the slightest concession on quality or service life.