Shiprocket Tracking“, Managing an e-commerce business is an art in itself. A few individuals master this art with their knowledge and skills. But there are lots of challenges while running an E-commerce business successfully. One of them is tracking the customer’s deliveries. Several companies need help with their product delivery and issues while monitoring the deliveries of the products. 

    Recently, one platform has gained massive popularity among business owners. This platform claims to provide advanced features to track the deliveries and reduce the number of product returns in the midway. The platform’s name is shiprocket tracking

    What Is Shiprocket Tracking

    The Shiprocket tracking is a platform for e-commerce sellers. It enables e-commerce sellers to use advanced AI-enabled features to track customer order deliveries from their warehouses to their customers’ addresses. Shiprocket provides every required tool to track the deliveries, such as data, workflows, and supply chain. It helps the individual sellers to decrease the product return due to various causes.

    Shiprocket Tracking Features

    Shiprocket proposes the most advanced features for the e-commerce seller in one place. Here are the vital features of the Shiprocket tracking:

    • Multifunctional Dashboard

    Shiprocket offers one dashboard for everything. With the dashboard of Shiprocket, a user can manage shipments, orders, return to-origin products, non-delivery reports, and many more. Besides, it also provides information about the total revenue, shipping cost, overall shipment status, and delivery performance.

    • Multiple Pickup Locations

    Shiprocket provides multiple pickup locations. Hence, it becomes easy for the sellers to add and edit pickup addresses according to their requirements. That allows for faster delivery and low shipping costs.

    • Billing & Weight Reconciliation

    It is challenging for e-commerce sellers to reconcile the billing and weight of the product. Hence, Shiprocket solves this problem also with the dedicated billing & weight reconciliation panel.

    • Quick Inventory Management

    Shiprocket offers fast inventory management that lets a seller know the available products in the warehouse.

    • Multiple Payment Options

    Shiprocket offers various payment options, such as Paytm, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, and many more. It reduces the number in the RTO and NDR count.

    • Real-Time Tracking updates

    Shiprocket offers accurate time order tracking. It helps the e-commerce sellers learn about the status of their delivery and helps to maintain the correct inventory.

    • Email & SMS Notification

    Shiprocket provides AI-powered Email and SMS features. It helps the e-commerce seller to notify the customer via email or SMS regarding their product delivery. This Email and SMS service works on the real-time update. Hence, as the order reaches the destination, notify the customer and the Seller regarding the delivery to avoid NDR and RTO.

    What Sets Shiprocket Tracking Apart From Others?

    From the features, it is crystal clear about the features of shiprocket tracking. But how is it the best choice for e-commerce sellers or other businesses? Here are the different functions of the Shiprocket:  

    • 12+ Integration Channels

    The Shiprocket allows sellers to integrate more than 12 channels, such as Amazon, Esty, Woo, Shopify, eBay, Wix, etc. That enables the Seller to manage their entire E-commerce order delivery from one place.

    • API Integration

    Besides, shiprocket tracking allows eCommerce sellers to integrate their API with other platforms. It helps in faster order processing and syncing. Apart from that, it also enables the sellers to make the entire process automatic with the help of this function.

    • Converse International Shipping

    Most E-commerce sellers face challenges while shipping internationally. It helps them cover international shipping with its user-friendly interface and the required terms to ship the product internationally. That reduces the extra stress on the Seller’s shoulders.

    • Effortless NDR Management

    The NDR stands for Non-Delivery Report. It contains the list of orders not delivered to the customer and available at the warehouse. Shiprocket helps to manage the NDR effortlessly with its AI-enabled technology.

    • 24+ Delivery Partners

    Shiprocket offers more than 24 delivery partners worldwide. It helps the e-commerce business to deliver their product to every corner of the world. Besides, with the help of shiprocket tracking, an e-commerce seller can effortlessly manage these delivery partners.

    • Courier Recommendation Engine

    The Shiprocket collaborates with more than 24 delivery partners worldwide. It shows the e-commerce seller to the best delivery partner according to the order’s destination address. It also reduces the number of NDR and RTOs that heavily affect the e-commerce business.  

    • No Minimum Shipment

    The Shiprocket understands the value of every order. Hence, it does not use the minimum shipment standards. If you have one shipment, don’t worry. Shiprocket got your back. For Shiprocket, it does not matter whether you want to deliver one shipment or thousands; it just has to the customer. As per the Shiprocket mission, every shipment counts.

    • Mobile Application

    Shiprocket tracking offers its mobile application. It provides you with an on-the-go solution for your e-commerce business. The Shiprocket application is available for both users, including IOS and Android.

    Shiprocket Tracking Plans

    The Shiprocket tracking offers three main plans for e-commerce sellers. The Seller can choose the plan according to their business requirements: 

    Lite Plan: This plan costs ₹ 26/ per 500 grams. This plan includes

    • One E-commerce Channel integration 
    • Email, call, and chat support 
    • Automatic order sync 
    • International and Domestic Shipping 

    Professional Plan: This plan costs ₹ 20/ per 500 grams. This plan offers: 

    • Multiple Channel Integration
    • Free NDR Call Centre Setup 
    • International and Domestic Shipping 
    • Automatic order sync 
    • Various channel prices and inventory sync

    Enterprise Plan: This plan costs ₹ 20/ per 500 grams. This plan provides:

    • Integration Customization 
    • Special Account Manager
    • Automated Channel order sync
    • International and Domestic Shipping 
    • Multiple Channel Integration
    • Free NDR Call Centre Setup 


    Shiprocket tracking makes the e-commerce business easy. It helps the Seller and business owners to drive the e-commerce business smoothly. Shiprocket provides the features and functions required to operate the e-commerce business in one place. It does not matter for the Shiprocket that you want to deliver one or thousands of orders. Shiprocket does not require the minimum shipment count to use the Shiprocket services. Eventually, Shiprocket can increase the e-commerce business’s revenue and customer retention.