Gaining YouTube subscribers and creating an identity on YouTube can take a lot of time and effort, including the necessary tactics to do so. However, one easy way to have YouTube subscribers painlessly is to generate an auto-subscribe link on Entendy.

    Basically, an auto-subscribe link is a way to provide you with instant followers simply when someone clicks the link that you have generated. An auto-subscribe link can be created for free using platforms such as Entendy. This article lets us know more about Entendy and how it works.

    What is Entendy?

    On the website Entendy, you can create free auto-subscribe links. Instead of just asking people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, these links are a more powerful way to catch their attention. A little message will appear requesting someone to subscribe to your channel when they click on an auto-subscription link. The “Subscribe” button can then be accessed with a single click from there.

    Simply access the website and put the URL of your YouTube channel into the field provided to generate an auto-subscribe link. Click the “Generate Subscribe Link” button after that. Then, a link for your auto-subscription will be created. Then, you may copy and paste this URL everywhere you’d like, including on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Rules For Joining Entendy WhatsApp Groups

    Before you join the Entendy WhatsApp group, there are certain rules that you need to abide by. Let us know the rules that you must keep in mind while joining the Entendy WhatsApp group.

    1. Primarily, the group is meant for free chat. Thus, you must ensure that you do not send any kind of irrelevant message or information that is not related to the group.
    2. As a group member, you are supposed to not send memes or any other inappropriate links to the group.
    3. Since the group is open to all, it must be kept in check that you use a decent tone and language while talking to other members of the group. Abusive language should be avoided, and no fighting or offending statements should be passed in the group.
    4. As a group member, you are allowed to share only five messages in a group each day. You cannot send more than five messages in the group. Also, try not to share the same information.
    5. Do not change the name of the group or the profile picture randomly on your own.
    6. All are supposed to respect the group admin and all the group members.

    Steps To Create YouTube Subscribe Link

    This platform helps every individual who wants to get more subscribers by generating a subscription click for their fans, followers, and viewers. Your users will directly subscribe to your YouTube channel through this link. Here are the steps to creating a YouTube subscribe link:

    1. First, go to your YouTube channel and copy its URL, then paste that into the box “Paste Your Channel Link” that you will see on the homepage of this platform.
    2. Tap on the “Generate Subscribe Link” and allow it to create a YouTube subscribe link for your channel.
    3. The next step is to tap on a copy link, where you will get a new URL that you can share with your audience.
    4. At last, people who click on this link have to confirm their channel subscription.

    Entendy WhatsApp Group Links

    Entendy WhatsApp groups are a medium to readily and easily connect to multiple people at a time and make online friends. By joining an Entendy WhatsApp group, you can have friends and talk to them conveniently. Entendy WhatsApp group enables users to chat freely with anyone who is part of the group. Following are some of the Entendy WhatsApp Group links.

    Entendy Features And Elements

    Input Box

    The input box is an area wherein you can paste the link to your channel, and once you enter it, you will be easily able to generate a sub-confirmation link without any trouble. The sub-confirmation link can then be shared on your social media platforms.

    Generate Link

    The next feature of Entendy is the Generate Link button. As the name implies, the Generate Link button allows a user to create an automatic subscribe link with a single click. The generate link button does not ask you to have any prerequisite technical knowledge at all.

    Result Box

    The result box is also known as the blank box. The Blank Box is that area in Entendy wherein you will be able to see the generated link in a box. As a user, when you share the auto-generated link, you will automatically get subscribers to your YouTube channel whenever someone clicks on the link.

    Copy Link

    With the Copy Link feature, a user can conveniently copy the auto-subscribe link and then share it to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

    New Link

    When a user clicks on “New Link”, the previously generated link by the user will disappear, and the user will have to create another new link for the YouTube channel.

    100% Free

    The best part about using Entendy to generate auto-subscriber links is that it is 100% free to use. Thus, you do not have to worry about paying any money to use the tool.

    Tools Offered By Entendy

    Along with a YouTube subscribe link generator, entendy offers some incredible tools that can help its users with their daily tasks. Here are a few of them:

    • Responsive Resize: It is a useful tool that helps you have a full-size YouTube iframe for mobile and desktops by adding your mobile responsive code to your website. Well, that does not break the width of your page.
    • Squarespace Podcast: This tool offers you a podcast link for your podcast that will help you host your podcast on Squarespace.
    • Salary calculator: A salary calculator is a tool that helps you calculate your hourly salary. You just have to write down your one-hour salary, and then it will show you the result of your salary for the year.

    Is It Safe To Use?

    The YouTube subscribe link is completely safe to use, as it offers only an official subscribe link for the users that they have to copy and paste at appropriate places. It does not offer any files that contain malware. Though you do not need to worry about any effects, you can use it safely.

    Entendy Website Statistics

    In the Entendy website statistics, you will see the achievements of this platform as a YouTube subscribe link generator tool.

    • It has generated over 2 million subscriber links for YouTube channels.
    • It has enhanced its 5 million+ subscribers through its valuable service.
    • It has gained more than 10 million social media shares.
    • Also, it has happily gained more than 1 million Entendy App users.


    Entendy offers an easy and instant medium to create an auto-subscriber link in no time, and that too is free of cost. As a user, you can conveniently and painlessly share the link to various platforms and easily gain YouTube subscribers. Not only this, but if you are looking for online friends, then you can join the Entendy WhatsApp group as well and talk to people using the free chat feature.